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Grooming Services

There’s nothing better than a freshly groomed pet! Regular grooming keeps your pet’s coat looking great, feeling soft, and smelling clean. It also helps reduce shedding, which will minimize the dog hair in the house.

Not only does grooming make your pet a more pleasant living companion for you, but also it has many health benefits for your pet. An ungroomed coat can be very uncomfortable; long, unkempt hair is more likely to tangle and cause matting of the fur, which can pull at the skin and irritate your pet. Regular grooming also helps us detect potential medical concerns before they become emergencies. Your groomer can spot ticks, fleas, lumps, bumps, and injuries. By following up with your veterinarian on any issues discovered, you can prevent serious health concerns from developing.

Our sister facility, Crysler Animal Hospital, offers professional grooming services for dogs and cats from the convenience of our own clinic! Our experienced groomers, Pam and Beth-Ann, perform baths, haircuts, blow-outs, and nail trims. Your pet will walk out of our clinic looking and feeling great! Prices of services vary depending on pet breed, size, and condition. If you are interested in a grooming appointment for your pet, please contact us today at 816.-258-2857.