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Senior Pet Care

Senior pets are very dear to our hearts; having been by our sides for so many years, our older pets are our close companions and members of our families. The bond between you and your pet only grows over the years, so that as your pet reaches his or her Golden Years, you want to cherish and extend the time you have left. As your veterinarian, it is our goal to keep your senior pet feeling healthy and strong for as long as possible. Our senior pet care program is designed to catch illness early so that we can help maintain your pet’s health and quality of life.


Semi-Annual Visits

For our senior patients, we recommend semi-annual wellness exams. Pets age much faster than humans; your dog or cat can age the equivalent of seven human years in just one year. This means that annual visits are no longer sufficient as our companions age and become more prone to illness and injury. Routine exams help uncover medical conditions in their early stages, when they are easiest to treat.


Home Care

As your pet ages, he or she will begin to require more special care at home as well. Follow your veterinarian’s recommendations for exercise, nutrition, and medication. As your pet becomes less active, it is important to balance his or her food intake to deter excess weight gain. You veterinarian can recommend a specific diet to help your pet maintain a healthy weight.

We also recommend keeping your pet’s living and sleeping areas clean, dry, and warm to protect against disease and maximize your pet’s comfort. Some pets may require lifestyle changes, such as sleeping on the ground floor instead of a second floor bedroom when the stairs become a challenge.

If you notice any concerning changes in your pet’s appearance or behavior between visits, please don’t hesitate to call our clinic. It is always best to deal with a small problem now rather than a big one later.