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AniMed Animal Hospital is a Cat-Friendly veterinary hospital. Learn more about what this certification stands for, and what it means for the quality of care your pet receives each time they visit our clinic— below.

Cat-Friendly Practice

Is a simple visit to the veterinarian a stressful process for you and your cat? If so, this is completely normal; most cats become upset when they are removed from their comfort zone and brought into an unfamiliar environment. Sometimes, the extent of this stress causes owners to skip their annual visits. At AniMed Animal Hospital, we hope to solve this problem so that all cats can get the health care they deserve. That’s why we have taken extra steps to make every feline’s visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible, which will make your visit much more pleasant as well!

We are proud to be certified as a Cat Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). Our certification means that we have met criteria set by AAFP designed to make veterinary visits less stressful for cats and their owners. This involves implementing feline friendly standards such as a quiet waiting area designed to minimize stress, cat-only treatment areas, ongoing education on feline medicine and behavior, and training on handling techniques that make cats more comfortable. Additionally, our veterinarians and staff will be able to adjust to your cat’s needs throughout your visit. If your pet needs to be examined in the carrier, on the floor, or on your veterinarian’s lap, we will happily accommodate him or her.

You can learn more about what it means to be a Cat Friendly Practice here. If you are a cat owner, we hope you will consider AniMed Animal Hospital for your veterinary needs.

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